Press Release

Important Arrangements and Updates due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Date of Release:

Dear WebConf Community,

We hope this open letter finds you well, despite the urgent COVID-19 situation in this region of the world. As your safety is our top priority and concern, we are writing this letter in the hope of providing some timely information so that you can better plan your participation of The Web Conference 2020, Taipei.

  1. COVID-19 Update

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), China remains a high risk country at this time. Although there are fewer cases elsewhere, the global risk is not to be underestimated. Nonetheless, Taipei has a comprehensive and efficient health system and the situation is under control with only a few confirmed cases with no increase of new cases in recent days. Despite our sincere hope that the situation in Taipei will continue to improve, we request that you review the information on the WHO site and its “Situation reports” section, which has more detailed statistics. We will also continue to provide updated and timely information on The Web Conference 2020 website to keep you informed.

  2. The Web Conference 2020 is still ON and ONLINE

    Despite the multiple options we have reviewed, at this time our plan is to still hold The Web Conference 2020 in Taipei from April 20-24. However, we are doing our best with multiple vendors to investigate the possibility to provide remote presentation and online capabilities for presenters and organizers alike. This is a first for this conference series so we are working very hard to ensure smooth operation for all participants before announcing further details. So please stay tuned.

  3. Registration for Author of Accepted Papers

    All accepted research track papers MUST have at least ONE Regular 3- or 5-day paid registration (NOT Student registration) by February 20, 2020. All other accepted papers including poster, workshop, demo, etc. MUST have at least ONE Regular 1-, 3-, or 5-day paid registration (NOT Student registration) by February 20, 2020. These registrations are to cover the presentation set up, publication cost, other related expenses, etc. The accepted paper will not be published if no registration is associated with the paper by February 21, 2020. Again, we are working on the remote presentation system for ALL presenters as an option (more details later).

  4. Early Bird Deadline Extended

    We are extending the Early Bird deadline by four weeks to March 19, 2020. We recommend you to delay your registration a bit until we are satisfied with our remote presentation and online capabilities (progress will be announced in due course). Furthermore, you may want to consider not to make any airline booking nor accommodation reservation at this time, but wait for the situation to settle before completing your trip itinerary.

The darkest hour is just before the dawn! We would like to thank many people who are working tirelessly behind the scene supporting the conference despite the current crisis situation. We are also thankful for your support to The Web Conference series, and hope that your participation will make The Web Conference 2020, Taipei a successful and memorable one!

Best regards,

Yennun Huang and Irwin King
General Co-chairs
The Web Conference 2020, Taipei

Special Announcement for the 2019 n-Cov

Date of Release:

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan, the 2019-nCoV is not trending in Taiwan. No travel alert is issued internationally. Moreover, strict monitoring is in progress.

The Web Conference 2020 will be convened in Taipei as scheduled, with seamless resource integration and thorough prevention safeguards fully in operation.