Call for Papers

Security, Privacy, and Trust

We invite research contributions to the Security, Privacy, and Trust Track at the 31st edition of the Web Conference series (formerly known as WWW), to be held on April 20-24, 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan (

As the Web has grown to be an integral part of our lives, security and privacy have become essential requirements without which the Web cannot function. Security, privacy, and trust technologies are fundamental for performing most web transactions and they must be usable by a highly diverse population of users. At the same time, the sheer success of the web platform has made it a ripe target for abuse by hostile parties, who will exploit both technical and human failures to compromise systems and steal private and financial information.

This track offers researchers working on security, privacy, and trust related to the Web, the opportunity to present their original work to a broad community of researchers, with a multitude of backgrounds and interests, who will be attending the 2020 Web Conference.

Relevant topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Human and usability factors in Web security & privacy
  • Tracking, profiling, and countermeasures against them
  • Measurement, analysis, and circumvention of Web censorship
  • Browser security
  • Browser fingerprinting
  • Web vulnerability analysis
  • Authentication and authorization for Web-based services
  • Security and privacy of Web protocols
  • Detection of abusive content (such as online harassment, spam, and fake news)
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies for the Web
  • Legal, ethical, policy issues of Web security and privacy
  • Security for Web services (e.g., blogs, Web feed, wikis, social networks)
  • Applications of cryptography to the Web
  • Security in Web-based electronic commerce (e-cash, auctions, cryptocurrencies, etc.)
  • Security and privacy in the mobile Web

Track Co-Chairs:

Bruno Crispo , University of Trento
Nick Nikiforakis , Stony Brook University